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Tailored Commercial Real Estate Development




Expert Project Management

Omni Group assembles the best possible team of talented professions to meet our clients’ specific needs and objectives. With the experience to respond to the unique requirements of each job, Omni Group efficiently and reliably completes many large-scale projects throughout the country.


Excellent Service

Servicing our clients in a way that helps them achieve their goals is what guides the Omni Group process and makes our job rewarding. By providing unparalleled customer support through every phase of development, we have established a tradition of service that continually brings back our clients for multiple projects.


Financial Strength

Omni Group has the resources to respond quickly to a range of market opportunities. This financial capability enabled Omni Group to develop real estate on a large scale throughout the United States


Long Term Commitment

As a respected company in Fort Worth, Omni Group understands and appreciates the importance of our clients’ relationship to their own communities. With integrity, we commit to the long-term goals of each development, aiming to provide a product that is beneficial to both our clients and their community.


Creative Collaboration

Using creativity with a team mentality, Omni Group forms successful relationships in which everyone works towards a common goal. With the successful completion of a project, each party benefits: the client, the investor and the community.



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